The Mantis advantage delivers six key benefits:

1. Unique large high quality optical stereo image

See the finest detail in a large, high resolution, high contrast optical stereo image. Whether you are viewing your subject in the eyepiece-less viewer or a separate monitor, Mantis delivers the superior image quality you need to perform your inspection tasks accurately and quickly.

2. Ergonomic design for user comfort and productivity

Ergonomically designed Mantis enables relaxed, stress-free viewing and manipulation of your component or sample, improving posture whilst reducing back and neck strain. Additionally, the eyepiece-less design reduces eye activity, and thus eye strain. ‘No touch’ viewing means systems can be operated by multiple colleagues without the risk of cross-contamination

3. 5 different ways to illuminate your subject

5 separate illumination methods enable superior control of your subject lighting for optimal inspection of a wide range of different materials. Control and eliminate shadows from your image.

4. Suitable for a wide range of applications

Long working distance and excellent depth perception makes Mantis perfect for multiple applications including; electronics, medical device manufacture, precision engineering, life science, and many more.

5. Mantis PIXO – Digital imaging for collaboration, traceability and training

PIXO combines optical and digital technologies, providing perfect synergy between the optical stereo view and a high resolution camera. Capture, review and share detailed images for traceability, collaboration and training. Add text, shapes, arrows or digital overlays. Compare live images with targets, measures or pre-set guides.

6. Versatility

Whatever you need to magnify or work on, Mantis is THE stereo microscope to use. Manipulate your subject easily with long working distance, accurate 3D view, and quick magnification change. A choice of 3 models ensures you get the functionality you need to complete your tasks, with maximum accuracy, efficiency and comfort.

Mantis PIXO
Mantis PIXO
Mantis ERGO
Mantis ERGO
Mantis IOTA
Mantis IOTA